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Need A Stronger Bench Press? Start Training Your Rear Delts

The bench press is one of the few exercises which is loved by almost everyone who goes to the gym. There are guys in the gym who literally train chest like three days a week in hope of increasing their bench press. But still, the weight that they bench still remains the same. The reason being that their chest is capable of lifting weights while their other body parts do not match up to that strength

The rear deltoid acts as a stabilizer muscle which is used during benching. The wobbly action that you might have experienced when benching heavy is because your rear delts aren’t able to handle the excessive weight, i.e. even if your chest is able to push such heavy weight, you are suffering because of your weak rear deltoids

Train Rear Delts for Bench Press

Here a few ways in which you can strengthen your rear delts resulting in a heavier bench press and incredible upper body strength

Face Pulls

The face pull is a rear deltoid strengthening exercise which is one of the few exercises for the rear delts where you can increase the resistance. Face pulls is a common exercise in the powerlifting community too because the big guys know that training their rear delts are important for the formation of a big and strong bench press, as well as for other pressing movements too

90degree Rotations

This is another important exercise that you need to perform in order to increase the numbers on your bench press. Most people neglect this exercise but it is actually very essential not just for the chest but for the shoulders too

Holding the position with maximum tension for long can benefit you even more. You can even perform with the help of a spotter where he can assist you in the positive part of the movement and you do the negatives only yourself

Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The bent-over dumbbell lateral raise is an essential movement if you are thinking about building that stronger bench press. That isn’t the only purpose of this movement but this also gives that roundness to the shoulder muscle and this is the area where many of bodybuilders lack in. It’s also a great exercise for building a strong core as you have to stand in a position which utilizes your back stabilizer muscles

Resistance Band Reverse Flyes

This is a similar movement to the above-mentioned exercise other than the part that you have to perform it using a resistance band. The difficulty can be increased by shortening the length of the resistance band which can be done by holding the resistance band in between your feet. The muscles activated will be the same but will be worked in a different way

The different thing about this exercise is that is performed on a machine and many of you might argue that machines are not as good as free weights. It may be true but often times it may become difficult to isolate the rear deltoids

Almost every other exercise focuses on many muscles other than the rear deltoids whereas the reverse pec-deck fly is an isolation movement. You can also increase the resistance easily here as it is to be performed on a machine. One can also isolate one arm from the other by holding onto the machine by the other arm

8 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

When faced with the issue of having low testosterone, you are faced with a couple of solutions. You hop on the sauce train and start riding those unnaturally high test level gains and leave humanity behind, or you can go the boring way and try to boost your testosterone naturally. Today we will cover the boring part and see what you can do to get those test levels back up again the old fashion way, by actually doing manly things


Strength training and weightlifting is the most common way of getting those test levels up. So if you are lacking in the testosterone department and are feeling a bit sluggish, hit the iron harder

You have probably seen the instagram picture claiming that chopping wood increases testosterone levels by almost 50 percent. Turns out that it’s actually quite true! Not only does it boost test levels, it boosts them higher than performing some high-intensity sports

An hour of chopping down trees does more to raise your testosterone (48 percent) than an hour of doing sport (30.1 percent). Who would have thought that doing manly sh*t could actually make you more manly? So go to your local Walmart or hardware store, grab an ax and start chopping wood

Lose Weight

Excessive body fat percentages can cause vein clogging, raised cholesterol levels, and other metabolism shenanigans that can mess with your hormones and slow down your testosterone production. With that in mind, saying that losing weight is a great way of raising your test levels should come as a no-brainer. So, if your summer bulk went a little bit too well, maybe you should consider speeding up the process with the cutting season

Proper Diet

If you eat nothing but McDonalds and garbage foods, you’re feeding your body with trash and not giving it the much-needed nutrients that can raise your testosterone levels and even increase your libido. Be sure to include zinc-rich foods in your diet because zinc boosts testosterone

Surround Yourself With Hot Women

Hanging out with hot chicks is an old evolutionary trick for a quick testosterone boost. Speaking with attractive women for no more than five minutes can boost your test levels up to 14 percent

No Stress

Stress can lead to weight gain, heart attacks, decreased libido, various mental problems and of course, testosterone level drop-off. Whenever you start feeling stressed out, calm the fudge down. Start breathing and deal with your problems in a controlled and calm manner. Stressing out won’t do you or your problems any better

Skip Sugars

Processed foods are one of the worst modern day evils; they tickle the pleasure center in your brain, making you feel good but all they are doing is making you fat and miserable. Skip the candy bars, sugary drinks, and all that crap. It’s not doing you any good and processed sugars can seriously mess up your test levels


Now before every vegetarian, vegan, animal lover, tree hugger and PETA supporter get extremely triggered, let’s all just take a deep breath and calm down for a second. Not all hunting is good, exterminating endangered species is a douchebag move and deserves judgment, but some game animals breed like crazy in the wild and need population control

They basically eat everything in their sight; deer are known to eat bird eggs and other smaller animals. So yeah, before you go crying for Bambi, remember that he’s a dick too

Now back to the topic of test boosting. In 2013, an interesting study was conducted on Bolivia’s indigenous people that live in the Amazon forest. It showed that their testosterone and cortisol levels spike each time they make a successful hunting trip

5 Deadlift Variations For Strength of Peace

Have you hit a wall — that plateau where no matter how much you lift you just aren’t getting bigger? Or you are just a gym newbie? This article will give you some insight on how deadlifting can help you tremendously in achieving your desired goals

There is just one thing that needs to be taken care of while deadlifting, and that is having the correct form. If your form is incorrect, the deadlift will not only hinder your gains, but it will actually damage your body

Also, heavy sets should be performed with a lower rep range as this will make you stronger and help in lifting heavy overall (as long as the weight is still close to your capacity). So before you perform a heavy lift, ask someone experienced in the art or read up about it

Conventional Deadlift

The first kind of deadlift you should be dealing with is the conventional deadlift; the orthodox style. Conventional deadlift is the one you should mainly be focusing on. This can also hurt your body tremendously if performed incorrectly

Sumo Deadlift

The sumo deadlift is a relatively easier kind of deadlift for many in terms of the amount of weight lifted. The feet are placed wider apart (beyond shoulder width), and the hand grip is narrow. Many people can lift heavier in this stance compared to the conventional form. The chances of having an injury in this exercise are also lesser when compared with other forms of deadlifts

While the conventional deadlift places emphasis on the lower back, the sumo lift mainly focuses on the quads and lower back

The stiff-legged deadlift, not to be confused with the Romanian deadlift, is one such exercise you should do on leg day rather than back day as it majorly focuses on the hamstrings rather than the back muscles. The back remains contracted throughout the range of motion. We strongly recommend this deadlift as the burn you will feel in your hamstrings, as a result, can’t be matched by any other hamstring exercise

Trap Bar Deadlift

The trap bar deadlift is done on a special bar called the hex bar or the trap bar. It is safer to use the trap bar as the pressure on lumbar spine is highly reduced when compared to the traditional deadlift. It can be used as a substitute for squats as well. As the trap bar isn’t available in most gyms, we suggest a substitute for this deadlift by holding a dumbbell in each hand and performing the same action

The Hack Lift

The hack lift can be considered the most dangerous deadlift movement, so you need only perform this movement occasionally. There is a huge risk of falling backward, and it also places lots of strain on the knees, which is definitely not a good thing. The other major muscle group it works other than the lower back is the quads

Get Yourself Shredded With These 5 Cable Machine Exercises

Did you know you can gain strength, boost power, build muscle and torch calories with some effective cable machine exercises

Not only does it unleash a wide variety of exercises, but you can adjust its height to hit your muscles from all angles. Don’t worry, I won’t be discussing the kneeling cable crunch. We’ll actually be learning about some very effective exercises that can develop your chest and get you shredded

Even though free weights are always preferred at the gym for adding the bulk, cables can also help build a lean and strong physique. The huge advantage here is the smooth, controlled, well-focused and fluid motion resistance that creates the extra tension on your muscles

Cable Machine Exercises

So, without any further ado, here are 5 cable machine exercises to get you shredded and develop a well-sculpted physique

Two-Arm Cable Curls

These are similar to the close-grip barbell curls but due to the cables, there will be a constant force of tension on your biceps. This provides more muscle fiber stimulation for maximum growth

How to Perform

Attach both the cables a D-Handle grip
Now grab both the pulleys and stand in the middle of the machine (grab one and then walk to the other side to grab the other)
With the palms facing towards the ceiling, start with your arms outstretched and parallel to the floor
Curl the weights towards your head and squeeze the biceps hard
Hold this contraction for a second and gradually lower to the starting position
Do at least three sets of 8-12 reps

Lying Cable Shrugs

The lying cable shrugs are something most people don’t know about and usually perform in a standing position. However, it’s time to target the upper, middle and lower traps effectively on each rep

How to Perform

Set a bar up on the seated cable row and hook a weight that is comfortable for you to shrug. But make sure you reach failure somewhere between 8-12 reps
Now, lie down on your back with the bar grabbed at shoulder width and placed on your thighs. This will be your starting position
Finally, pull and shrug the bar slowly and gradually to the starting position
Do the same movements as with dumbbell shrugs
This will engage the upper, middle and lower traps
Do three sets of 8-12 reps each

Single Arm Shoulder Raises

A perfect exercise to add extra striations to your shoulders. Make sure you pick a slightly lower weight as this variation has more tension as compared to the simple dumbbell raises

How to perform

Set the pulley on the bottom of the machine and attach a D-ring handle
Now grab the handle and turn your body sideways
Keep the torso straight and place the nonworking hand on the waist for support
Finally, raise the handle upwards until the arm is parallel to the floor
Hold the top position for a second or two and gradually lower it to the starting position
Switch hands and repeat
Do three sets of 12-15 reps each

Wide Grip Triceps Pushdowns

These are the normal triceps pushdowns but we’ll be using the wide grip bar to target the longer head of the triceps for maximum growth and stimulation

How to Perform

Set the pulley at a height you normally use for triceps pushdowns
Now attach a wide grip lateral pulldown bar or something wide enough
Grab the bar using a wide grip to effectively engage and target the longer head
Take a few steps back from the machine, just one and a half feet and slightly bend your waist to keep the lower body stable
Finally, push the weight downwards until the arms are fully extended
Pause the contraction for a second and gradually retract to the starting position
Do three sets of 8-12 reps each

Cable Flyes

And how can we forget this chest exercise? It’s similar to the dumbbell flyes but with more tension and contraction in your pecs

How to Perform

Start by placing a flat bench to the cables
Set the cables at the bottom and use single handle grips
Now, grab both the cables and lie flat on the bench. Keep your feet firmly placed on the ground and your core braced
Start by raising the handles above your head and perform the chest fly
Execute it slowly by feeling the tension in the pecs
Do three sets of 8-12 reps each

Take It Easy And Stop Going Heavy On These 4 Exercises

There is a common belief amongst people that you need to go ultra heavy to build muscle. They think muscle tissues are only damaged under heavy loads. Broscientists around the world can be credited for this misconception

The only thing you have a high chance at while lifting heavy is an injury. Your muscles don’t know what weights you’re using. It only knows exhaustion, failure, and annihilation. It’s your mind and your ego which knows how much weight is on the bar

More often than not, people lift heavy to impress someone. Notice guys lifting more than usual when a hot chick walks by. Unrequired grunting and moaning follow this egoistic behavior. Not to forget their bad form

Some exercises can be more dangerous as compared to the others when it comes to the risk of an injury. Going heavy on these exercises increases your chances of getting hurt. Having control over the weights while performing an exercise is incredibly important


Squats is one of the most dangerous exercises you can do in the gym. What can be riskier than having big weights on your back when you want to train to failure? An accident with this exercise can be more brutal than most other exercises

It’s commendable if you want to test your limits by going heavy on squats but don’t forget your limits. There are chances your spotter might not be able to control and lift the weight off of you if you hit failure at the bottom of the movement

Let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean you should stop squatting. We just say that you need to be mindful of your capabilities and use weights you can control. If doing 12 reps with a weight is too easy, you can increase the number of repetitions as compared to the weights

Military Presses

This exercise has its name for a reason. You need to be in total control and discipline while performing military presses. A loss of balance or improper form can take you out of action for a long time. It might as well end your lifting career forever

Lifting weights overhead can be dangerous. You’ll be making it worse by going heavier than you can handle. Using heavy weights overhead with bad form can cause an injury to your spine. You’re also at a risk of dropping the weights on your head

Standing or seated, if you’re going to lift heavier than usual or are going for a PR, ask for a spot from someone reliable. Don’t try to push the envelope on this exercise. Using lifting gear like weightlifting belt and wrist wraps can be of great help

Leg Press

The leg press is one of the most abused exercises in the gym. People who can’t squat their own body-weight fill the leg press machine with plates and then add some human being to it; the range of motion which follows is hideous

They come down a quarter of the way and let out a battle cry. While this might stroke their ego, this isn’t going to do anything for their chicken legs. All they’re doing is risking an injury and their joint health. The leg press machine also puts a huge load on your back

The best way to do a leg press is to load the machine with moderate weights. Have a complete range of motion and change your foot placement to target your legs from different angles. You’ll be surprised with the pump and the gains

Seated Hamstring Curls

Unlike the lying leg curls, the seated curl completely isolates your hamstring muscles. This isolation puts a lot of tension on your knee joints. Lifting too heavy on this exercise can cause an injury. A knee injury can keep you from training for a long time

Use moderate weight while doing this exercise. Your main focus in this exercise should be to get a good pump and get some blood flowing in your hams. Stay away from using momentum and jerking movements to lift the weights

If you want to annihilate your hams, do a drop set on this exercise instead of using heavier weights. Your hamstrings are also the muscle group which is the easiest to tear and cramp. Take it easy on this exercise and stay away from an injury