4 Small Tweaks for Bigger Muscle Gains

Destroy plateaus by making these small tweaks to your favorite lifts

Switch Your Grip and Stance
Your body adapts to habit. Widen your grip on barbell curls to target the inner head of your biceps. Narrow your stance on the deadlift to improve leverage, letting you get closer to the bar without losing the arch in your lower back

Try a New Bar
A conventional barbell is the ultimate strength tool, but it does force your wrists into an unnatural position on presses and curls. Try a Swiss bar or fat bar. A Swiss bar offers neutral-grip handles at multiple widths. A fat bar forces your grip to work overtime in every exercise

Strike Up the Band
On exercises like the lateral raise and overhead triceps extensions, you lose tension on the muscles in the bottom and top positions. Using a band creates constant resistance so your muscles have to fight along the entire range of motion

Change It Up
See the table below for more ideas on how you can make small changes that net big results

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