Beef up your chest with this single-joint constant tension movement

We know. The cable crossover station is crowded! Then, when it does open up, you have precious little time before people start asking to work in. That probably explains why you’re always doing the same exercises over and over—a high crossover and a low crossover

The next time you hit the station, switch it up by wheeling an adjustable bench to the center of the rack for incline cable flyes. It’ll stimulate the fibers of your upper chest like an incline dumbbell flye, but also provide a unique stimulus because of the cable’s constant tension
Hands Out To The Sides, Elbows Slightly Bent

Get Huge, Ripped, and Perform Better Than Ever With the Rock Hard Challenge Workout

Place an incline bench halfway between two cable stacks in a cable crossover machineWith the cable pulleys set to the lowest position, lie back on the bench and grab hold of the d-handlesStart with your hands directly out to the sides, at about shoulder height, and your elbows slightly bent (not locked out)FINISH POSITION
Hands Together Over The Chest

Contract your pecs to pull your hands up and in toward each other until the handles nearly touch
Don’t bend your elbows any farther from the start positionmaintain a slight bend in the arms throughout
At the top of each rep, squeeze your pecs together for a second or two to maximize the contraction

Do it late in your chest workout (after incline and flat bench press)
Focus on hitting your upper pectorals
Do 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps
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