The No BS Bicep Workout For Building Huge Arms

“I don’t like big biceps,” said no one ever. Bros love to shower their biceps with a lot of love. Biceps are arguably the most trained muscle group in any gym and there seems to be a good reason behind it. In a study conducted by Western Illinois University, women rated abs to be the sexiest muscle on a man’s body

We hate to break it out to you, but your bicep workout might be incomplete. The reason you might not be seeing results can be because you’re not hitting your biceps from all the angles you should be. If you want biceps like Arnold, you need to start treating them the way he did. Arnold famously referred to his biceps as ‘mountains

This bicep workout we’ve come up with will make sure the next time you flex, people will line up for a ticket to see the gun show. Just to warn you, not fitting into your old shirts and being stared at are some cons of having huge arms. If you’re okay with these here are the requisites for a good bicep workout

We know you can’t wait to get a good bicep pump, but first, make sure your biceps are properly warmed up. Warming up is important for your biceps and supporting muscles like forearms and joints. The chances of you spraining your joints reduce significantly after you warm up

Dumbbell curls are a great way to warm up your arms. Warming up is very subjective — there can be no fixed number of sets and reps for everyone. If you don’t feel warmed up after a couple of light weight sets or if it’s chilling outside, feel free to do a couple more sets

 Compound and Isolation Exercises

If you are a pump chaser, lactic acid running through your arms can be tempting. This might draw you towards isolation movements like preacher and cable curls. Isolation movements are great, but you need to include compound movements in your workouts for an overall bicep development

Compound exercises like barbell curls are incredibly effective in helping you gain muscle mass and strength. Start your workouts with a compound exercise and proceed to isolation exercises later in your workout for complete muscle exhaustion
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