4 Top Notch Exercises For Building Dreamland Calves

Highly Effective Exercises For Those Who Want Bigger Calves

Many bodybuilders already know that to build a well-shaped physique, you need to not only train your upper body but also your legs. So, it means that utilizing exercises such as deadlifts and squats are important to achieve it

Some people are only doing exercises that target the legs and completely neglect their calf muscles. And by neglecting to develop their calf muscles, they build legs that resemble that of a chicken. If that’s the case, then you should incorporate some exercises that target the calves specifically

Donkey Machine Calf Raise

While this exercise isn’t as popular as it was three or four decades ago, the truth is that this exercise is one of the best when it comes to activating your calf muscles. One of the primary reasons why this exercise isn’t as popular as before is because that donkey calf raise machines are rarely used today

But if there is such a machine in your gym, then you should definitely try it. If not, then you can try it by asking somebody to sit down on your back

Start this exercise by bending your trunk forward until it reaches a 90-degree angle. If you do this exercise with a person, then ask the person to sit on your back. If you do the exercise with the donkey calf raise machine, then you should already be underneath the weights

Raise yourself by using your calves. Perform this process until you complete your first set

Leg Press Machine Calf Raises

This exercise is extremely good when you need to hit the entire calf muscle. Begin the exercise by sitting at the leg press machine and position your toes on the bottom edge of the foot plate. Like any form of calf raises, press with your toes while concentrating on your calves and return to the starting point

Make sure to perform this exercise in the full range of motion so that your calves would be worked even more

Jumping Rope

While jumping rope is used more for cardio than for training the calves, it’s still an effective way to strengthen your calves. For best results, it’s recommended to perform this exercise to warm up or do as the last exercise for your workout

Everything you need to do is simple. Just pick up a jumping rope in your hands and jump with each turn of the rope. If doing this gets too boring, then you can try some of the variations from the video above

Standing Calf Raises

You can perform this exercise while using a machine, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, or plates. Either way is fine as long as you use appropriate weights and do plenty of repetitions

If you’re using anything other than a standing calf raise machine, then begin the exercise by picking up the weights you decided to use, stand on an elevated platform like a block, training step, etc., with your toes. Raise yourself up as if you were standing on your toes and lower yourself again

Use these exercises and you should see how your calves grow bigger. Furthermore, you should start feeling them better while training and flexing. If you combine the exercises above and use them to create a “calf day”, then your calves will be sure to grow. And if they’re a weak area of yours, having a dedicated calf day would help turn them into your strongest assests

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