Arnold Golden Six Routine: Simple And Effective

The “Golden Six” program is based on six key exercises & According to Arnold, he made “Remarkable” gains. The 3 days per week routine got Arnold started in bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger started his career on a full-body routine, and he still recommends it for the new trainees. The program was nicknamed “The Golden Six” because of its straightforward focus on six of the most basic exercises:
“I found out everything I could about Reg Park. I bought all the magazines that published his programs. I learned how he started training, what he ate, how he lived, and how he did his workouts. I became obsessed

Simple and Effective

This is a complete full-body approach that doesn’t leave any major muscle groups unattended

Notes & Tips

Ideal for Beginners

Just like most full body workouts, should be done three times a week on alternating days, this type of routine is ideal for beginners


Strive to progress wherever possible
Once you can do 2-3 reps above the recommended, increase the weight


Performing this routine 3 times per week on alternating days for a 2-3 month cycle as Arnold suggested

Rest is Important

Rest for 2-3 minutes between sets of squats but no more than 90 seconds for the other exercises

Follow Arnold ‘Golden Six Workout’ Routine. It’s perfect way to lay the foundation for a well-balanced, muscular physique. This classic 1950-1960s style full-body workout is an ideal routine for beginners and ectomorphs looking to bulk up