Jay Cutler’s 10 Golden Rules of Never-Ending Growth

Remember size comes to those who simplify. So stop chasing your tail and follow Jay’s lead to looking your best this year, next year, and a decade from now

The four-time Mr. Olympia is a bodybuilder that has earned much respect from fans and competitors alike for his easy going nature and simple approach. Unlike other bodybuilding elites, he is humble, honest and most importantly, approachable. He is not going to blow your mind with tales of epic workout campaigns or cutting-edge tactics. His training routines are legendary for their extraordinary lack of novelty that you can follow with ease to achieve your fitness and bodybuilding goals. He does more than lift things up and put them down, but not much

If you are aiming to gain muscle growth in a systematic manner, here are 10 of Jay Cutler’s most fundamental rules for maximizing your physical potential while preserving your sanity


The conventional understanding is that larger body parts need 12-16 sets of work in order to grow. But conventional wisdom doesn’t win four Olympias. Some bodybuilders prefer to cut down on the SETS and add more and more REPS to their workout routine. But Jay says he prefers to go heavy for fewer REPS, and add more SETS

“You can’t do as many reps, or you’ll burn yourself out,” he says. More SETS and fewer REPS is what helps one gain muscle growth quickly as it contributes to the dense muscularity

Follow What Works For You

Size comes to those who simplify, instead of following the latest trends, you should focus on what works for you. This is one of the key rule that Jay Cutler believes in. You are not likely to find him doing exotic exercises or using the gimmicky equipment. You’d see him doing a lot of bench presses, squats, rows, pullovers, press-downs, and preacher curls. Why? Because they work best for him


Take proper rest, beginners can get great results from full body workouts, but for advanced lifters are going to gain the most by following a well-designed split. Longtime lifters, who have been practicing lifts since years, are well aware of the fact that the key to gain maximum possible muscle growth is to stick to a single workout, executing it thoroughly and then head back to the gym in order to do the same exercise, even before one could fully recover

Jay says: I need to make sure I get enough sleep, that’s the most important thing

Don’t Rest Too Much Between Sets

Taking rest between the sets helps you maximize the impact of your workout. But this should not mean that you go on with your rest period

Jay does not rest more than a minute, even on his heaviest sets. He says taking the right amount of rest between sets allows him to do more, live more, grow more, and eat more, staying ripped year-round

He is right, a study from the College of NJ reported and from the University of Southern California, found that men who rested a minute between sets built more strength and size than men who rested four minutes

Double Up Where You Need

There is nothing wrong in hitting a single body part twice a week if the need is there. Jay has never been shy about hitting a body part twice in a week, when he feels the need. He has famously committed to twice per week back sessions, but with different focuses. One focuses on vertical pulls and deadlifts, and the other is heavy on horizontal pulls

This has helped him build a three-dimensional set of lats with show-stopping east-west development

Assess and Then Reassess

All the competitive bodybuilders have to ruthlessly critique their own physiques, this is important because if there’s one thing they can be sure of, it’s that judges will do the same thing. Keep in mind, Jay competed in 6 Mr. Olympias before finally winning

For instance, Cutler realized that he needed to tone up his legs and back and therefore, he adjusted his training, going harder, heavier, and more often for these now lights-out muscle groups. The lesson for you is Bodybuilders can’t afford to be ‘sensitive‘. They need to attack weakness head-on

Trust Your Machine

While there is a ton of information about the ‘right process’ of bodybuilding, you can find more than you can read or use. Jay doesn’t believe in following them. You can find almost unlimited articles on weights, frequency, volume, training times and advanced techniques, getting published every now and then

Jay stays up on all of this but believes in following what he feels the need is. “I train whenever my body feels ready to train, what works for you today may not work tomorrow

Eat Like A Champ

A balanced diet is as important as following all the other rules. Even if you don’t want to be a Mr. Olympia, you should follow a proper diet to bring meaningful changes to your body, energy, health as well as athletic performance. You should not only take care of what you eat when you are at home but also when you are at work or while you are traveling

Jay says: “I tell people to put as much effort into their diet as they do in their weight training,” This type of approach will yield new and drastic change for anyone regardless of your goal

Don’t Be Afraid To Improvise

Improvise whenever you feel the need to. Although it is important to follow a particular strategy, you should never stop from improvising. Even if six sets of squats are scheduled, you can always stop after doing four if you feel that it is difficult for you to push it further. Similarly, you can stretch it to a set of eight if you think doing a set of six is not enough for you

Jay says, it’s important to have a plan, but he says you should never be so consumed with the routine that you can’t improvise


Lastly, Jay recommends following sets of quads. Jay’s quad routine includes those staples but includes the leg press, hack squat, front squat and walking lunges as well. Hit it from all angles and the results will be visible from all angles

With these ten rules by Jay Cutler, you can achieve never ending growth and look your best

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