Take It Easy And Stop Going Heavy On These 4 Exercises

There is a common belief amongst people that you need to go ultra heavy to build muscle. They think muscle tissues are only damaged under heavy loads. Broscientists around the world can be credited for this misconception

The only thing you have a high chance at while lifting heavy is an injury. Your muscles don’t know what weights you’re using. It only knows exhaustion, failure, and annihilation. It’s your mind and your ego which knows how much weight is on the bar

More often than not, people lift heavy to impress someone. Notice guys lifting more than usual when a hot chick walks by. Unrequired grunting and moaning follow this egoistic behavior. Not to forget their bad form

Some exercises can be more dangerous as compared to the others when it comes to the risk of an injury. Going heavy on these exercises increases your chances of getting hurt. Having control over the weights while performing an exercise is incredibly important


Squats is one of the most dangerous exercises you can do in the gym. What can be riskier than having big weights on your back when you want to train to failure? An accident with this exercise can be more brutal than most other exercises

It’s commendable if you want to test your limits by going heavy on squats but don’t forget your limits. There are chances your spotter might not be able to control and lift the weight off of you if you hit failure at the bottom of the movement

Let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean you should stop squatting. We just say that you need to be mindful of your capabilities and use weights you can control. If doing 12 reps with a weight is too easy, you can increase the number of repetitions as compared to the weights

Military Presses

This exercise has its name for a reason. You need to be in total control and discipline while performing military presses. A loss of balance or improper form can take you out of action for a long time. It might as well end your lifting career forever

Lifting weights overhead can be dangerous. You’ll be making it worse by going heavier than you can handle. Using heavy weights overhead with bad form can cause an injury to your spine. You’re also at a risk of dropping the weights on your head

Standing or seated, if you’re going to lift heavier than usual or are going for a PR, ask for a spot from someone reliable. Don’t try to push the envelope on this exercise. Using lifting gear like weightlifting belt and wrist wraps can be of great help

Leg Press

The leg press is one of the most abused exercises in the gym. People who can’t squat their own body-weight fill the leg press machine with plates and then add some human being to it; the range of motion which follows is hideous

They come down a quarter of the way and let out a battle cry. While this might stroke their ego, this isn’t going to do anything for their chicken legs. All they’re doing is risking an injury and their joint health. The leg press machine also puts a huge load on your back

The best way to do a leg press is to load the machine with moderate weights. Have a complete range of motion and change your foot placement to target your legs from different angles. You’ll be surprised with the pump and the gains

Seated Hamstring Curls

Unlike the lying leg curls, the seated curl completely isolates your hamstring muscles. This isolation puts a lot of tension on your knee joints. Lifting too heavy on this exercise can cause an injury. A knee injury can keep you from training for a long time

Use moderate weight while doing this exercise. Your main focus in this exercise should be to get a good pump and get some blood flowing in your hams. Stay away from using momentum and jerking movements to lift the weights

If you want to annihilate your hams, do a drop set on this exercise instead of using heavier weights. Your hamstrings are also the muscle group which is the easiest to tear and cramp. Take it easy on this exercise and stay away from an injury

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