Training program intended for the upper chest muscles!

When it comes to building large, massive chests the two common obstacles that all beginners and experienced practitioners faced are

Improper and unnoticeable development of the upper chest muscles
The big difference between the left and right muscles sides of the chest

Therefore this training program will focus on exercises for the upper chest while using handed weights, cables for workouts and exercises with its own weight to provide solid and defined appearance of chest muscles. These exercises will enable to equally exercise both sides of the chest muscles and thus avoid irregular development of this muscle group

The rest between each series of an exercise should be a maximum of 60 seconds, while the rest between each exercise can be 2-3 minutes. Any monitoring of the training program should begin with a minimum 2 series warm up using an exercise of this training program and using lighter weights

    Selection and arrangement of exercises for this training program
Exercise No. 1 (Incline Dumbbell Bench Press) – you should do 4 sets of this exercise with 10-12 reps in the series. You can increase the weight of the weights in the 2nd and 4th series

Exercise No. 2 (Incline Dumbbell Flys) – you should do 4 sets of this exercise with 12-15 reps in the series. It is advisable for all series to select medium weight with which you will be able to make minimum 14 repetitions in the series

Exercise No. 3 (Low Pulley Cable Crossover Flys) – you should do 3 sets of this exercise with 12 reps in the series. For starters who do not properly master this exercise is best to use lighter weights

Exercise No. 4 (Push-ups with the feet elevated) – you should do 3-4 sets of this exercise with minimum 25 repetitions in the series

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