Want Bigger Biceps? Here are 5 Curls You Must Be Doing

Building a well-developed pair of biceps takes several years to achieve. Arm training is something that is in trend, especially nowadays, and everyone wants that massive bulge when they bend their elbow

No guy wants his shirt sleeves flapping in the wind. Every man, whether they admit it or not, want a pair of bulging arms

There is no magic pill here or any secret other than the fact that you have to put in the hard work but if you are struggling to get rock hard biceps, here are five curling exercise integrated with a proper training strategy and will help you increase your bicep gains

Build Bigger Biceps

EZ Bar Reverse Curl

Normally you would perform the EZ Bar curls at a preacher bench but let’s give it a slight variation and try the reverse curls while standing

How to Perform

Use an EZ bar with a weight that would see you reach failure between reps 10 and 12
Hold the bar with an overhand grip
Curl it as you would with a regular biceps curl. Curl your wrists up too for extra forearm engagement
Do at least 3 sets of 10-12 reps each

Concentration Curl

A lot of guys do concentration curls but the ‘concentration’ part is missing. You can do it both sitting or standing, but performing it while sitting on a bench is more effective

How to Perform

Grab a dumbbell and sit on the bench with your elbow on the inside of your thigh and inner knee while the other hand is on the opposite leg for support
Now, perform the curl and hold the dumbbell for two seconds and the lower the weight
Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps for each side

Incline Dumbbell Curl

We’ll use the same concentration technique here but this time, you won’t be looking at your biceps

How to Perform

Use a bench and adjust it to a 45-degree angle
Grab a pair of dumbbells in each hand
Let both arms hang by your sides
Curl them towards your shoulders. Throughout the curl, you should focus on the tension in your biceps
When you reach the top, gradually return to the starting position
Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps

Hammer Curl

This exercise builds up the forearm (brachioradialis) as well as the sides of the biceps (brachialis). However, you have to be careful with the amount of weight you choose. Too heavy can result in an injury to the wrist

How to Perform

Grab a pair of dumbbells with a neutral grip — palms facing each other
Now, curl them towards your shoulder, hold the position for a second and gradually lower them to the starting position
Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps

Barbell Curl

Now to give your biceps a final push, we’ll do the barbell curl. It’s an isolation exercise that also trains your forearms and shoulders to some extent

How to Perform

Load a barbell with plates of weight at which you’ll reach failure at 10-12 reps
Now grab it slightly wider than shoulder’s width apart
While keeping your upper body stationary, curl it towards your chest
Try not to swing or squeeze your shoulder blades to cheat the curl
Hold the position for a second at the top and then gradually lower the barbell to your starting position
Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps each

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