Boost Your Workout With Caffeine

Caffeine’s use in improving athletic performance is long standing, You may have used it to increase your energy for long-distance events, Supplements have hit the market touting caffeine’s effect with creatine in building muscles and enhancing performance in the gym. Caffeine can give you a sense of unlimited energy, allowing you to perform at a higher rate, Research, however, is conflicting on whether caffeine is beneficial for muscle growth.

Your Brain on Caffeine
Caffeine has been shown to increase your concentration after ingestion, This increased ability to concentrate may detract from you recognizing any signs of fatigue, at least in the first 30 minutes of exercise, according to Ron Maughan in “Nutrition in Sport" Decreased sensation to fatigue may cause you to use more muscle. By recruiting more muscles and doing more work, you can break the muscle fibers down, thereby leading to increased muscle growth during rest periods and refueling.

Fat Loss

Caffeine is effective in making your body release free fatty acids after taking it, The effect of caffeine can alter how well you are able to train 20 minutes or longer, according to Ira Wolinsky in “Nutrition in Exercise and Sport" The impact caffeine has on short bouts of exercise has not produced results that warrant the use of caffeine, The release of free fatty acids from caffeine usage may be beneficial for lowering body fat stores.

Effect on Muscles

Caffeine may provide a psychological effect on boosting energy levels, By reducing your feelings of fatigue, you potentially can lift more and longer, Caffeine may enhance your ability to perform each rep stronger, thereby increasing the workload of the muscle and producing larger muscles.

Creatine and Caffeine

Caffeine and creatine supplementation are used to enhance the workload your muscles can handle, but a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that taking caffeine with creatine canceled out the effect creatine had on increasing muscle strength or endurance.


Caffeine usage to enhance your workouts comes with drawbacks, Long-term usage of caffeine decreases your sensitivity to its effects. You will need to take more with each plateau to feel the same effect when you started with it, Individuals respond to caffeine differently--menstruating females may have a different response, as stated by Ron Maughan, You will have to evaluate how your body responds to caffeine before adding it into your supplement regimen to enhance your workouts

Since the lag time for caffeine’s ergogenic effects is about 30 minutes, if you’re planning to work out for that amount of time, don't drink caffeine in the middle of your workout; you might just miss the boat on the effects of the caffeine. But if you’re planning on doing a long run or bike ride, it could be worth it to bring along some food or drink supplements (like gels) that contain caffeine

However, since the effects of caffeine last for up to six hours, you may not need it. Plus, the mild diuretic effects of caffeine can work quickly, so it may save you a trip to the bathroom in the middle of your sweat session
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