Strong Muscle interview With musclemania PRO bodybuilder Stavros Christodoulou

Today STRONG MUSCLE team is talking to one of pro bodybuilder, he is Cypriot who win the Musclemania world title in HW in Las Vegas 2011, and the only Cypriot who become a Pro bodybuilder of MuscleMania.

He won the Third place this year in MuscleMania HW Pro division, He is been competing for more than 14 years, and all by his own expenses, He is Stavros Christodoulou.

Hi MR Stavros
Tell us about your achievement in bodybuilding?

I am  Ifbb Cyprus 2000 first price in junior division and 2010 first price in HW division, 3 times thirt price in 90 kg 2004/2006/2008, Last year i won the fourth price in HW, division of MuscleMania universe in Miami, and I won the first price in HW division MuscleMania world championship in Las Vegas, This year in my Musclemania Pro debut  in Miami I compete with ten others great HW pro bodybuilders and won the  thirt price.

Congratulations so What do you feel when you won your price?
How did your bodybuilding Journey Begin?

Starts age 15 ,I was fat and with bodybuilding I found all the answers about who I want to be in my childhood my family was full of problems with drugs, alcohol and deaths, I never like to be the same with my future family bodybuilding is in my skin, The only thing for me that give me pleasure and reason for breathing.

Where did you go for Inspiration? who was role model?

Always inspire by Arnold for me is like history of bodybuilding, In Cyprus we don't have somebody to motivate user inspire us, We don't have bodybuilders or people who they make you work out like machine, and we don't have sponsors too, all our motivation is from magazines and books, I go every year gold gym in vennis beach California and take all my motivation from there.

Tell us more about when you decided to change your life and start bodybuilding?

I decided to start bodybuilding when I was 15 years old
I was fat and my knees started to kill me so i had to start training to lose my excess weight
I grew up in a small village in Cyprus and the gym there was very small, I was looking the posters on the walls withall those Pro bodybuilders and the first think in my head was that one day I will look like them.

what was your weight and length  when you started bodybuilding? and what was your program? who was your trainer?

My weight was 75 kg with 38% fat and I was 1.65 cm
I was train 3 times per week full body with 20 minutes cardio at the end.

So what's your weight now,your age and your body fat? I 
know it's hard to have this physic and this amount of muscle  so is this the best condition you've achieved?

Now I'm 31 years old 115 kg 1.80 cm with 10% fat and I try to add 5 kg more of lean mass to change my competition kg to 105-7
Competition kg 102-3
Off season kg 115
My best condition ever was this year in musclemania universe 2012( 102 kg)
Very very lean cut and muscular

what was the biggest challenge faced you in bodybuilding?

My biggest challenge was my first time in USA for my first bodybuilding universe competition year 2010 June Miami
first competition in united states, I was Making 6 months praperation in my country for this Competition
Stressed out and 20 kg less from my last competition this year.

Competing for just one minute and then finish, I dident pass for the finals,I was mad and nervous, from that day every 6 months traveling back to states to compete, To take my blod back, and here I'm now world champion and Pro bodybuilder
but for me is not finish,I have more and  more to give for this sport.

How did you design the nutrition program that you followed for the competition?

Always by how many kilos I'm I design my nutrition plan for my bodytype.
My last one was from 3.500 Calories and starts from two months before  competition, In my diets I never hungry
I eat basmati rice,sweet potato jacket potato or brown spaghetti for carbs.And lean Beef or chicken fillets or salmon for protein and adding salt on my food and drinking 10 liters of water every day.I also take 2 whey proteins shakes 2 times daily and recovery complex after workout and vitamins.Last week I stop adding salt in my food, 5 days before I stop my training and one day before I just don't taking any carbs and I never stop my water, That's work for my body, this is not the diet for all people.

can you describe a sample day of eating meal by meal?

One of my days go like this
8:00 100 gr oatmeal with 6 egg whites and one scoop of whey protein by SCI-mX nutrition 
10:00  5 egg whites 1 whole egg with greens
12:00. 240 gr of chicken breast with 240 gr of basmati rice and one tablespoon of olive oil
 With green salad
2:00 2 scoop of whey protein  by SCI-mX nutrition with 20 almonds
4 :00 120gr chicken with 120 gr rice 
6:00 before training
x-plode by SCI-mX nutrition
After training recovery complex by SCI-mX
1 hour later 2 scoops of whey protein by SCI-mX
2 hour later 
240 gr of salmon with 240 gr of rice with broccoli 

do you have a training partner?

No I always train alone, Nobody can follow me

Which nutrition products do you find useful? What's the most common supplement you use? What is the best company for supplements from your opinion?

A good whey protein, creatine, glutamine end pre workout supplement is very useful, My most common supplement is my pre workout sci-mx  x-plode, for me  the best company and most trustful in my country is SCI-MX nutrition UK

Lets talk about training, how do you describe your training around the year and specially in competing season? 

Off season my training is heavy and low repetitions, Every month I change the program for better resolts, Pre contest supersets and high repetitions, I always do my reps slowly and work a lot my negatives, My programs are sick and freaky

what are your favorite exercises?
Which body parts respond easily and which ones more challenging?

My favorite exercises are squats, walking lunges, bench press.
My  legs are respond more easily from my other bodyparts, My shoulders are my most challenging bodypart

what does your training week look like?

4 exercises each 4 sets 10:4
6 exercises each 4set 10:6
4 exercises each 4 set 10:4
6 exercises each 5 set 10:6 

Describe a typical week of your training program body part by body part

Day 1) Chest /shoulders 
chest press with dumbbells
Incline chest press
Decline chest press
Pull over
Shoulder press behind the head
Front rises 
Seated side lateral 
Upright row  
4 sets of 10/8/6/4 reps each exercise

Day 2) Back/calves 
Chin ups
Wide grip pulley 
Up right row with bar
Long close grip pulley
Close grip palms looking forward Lat machine
Dead lifts
All exercises from  5 sets of 10/8/8/6/6 reps each
Standing Calve raises 3 sets of 15 reps
Donkey calve rises
Seated calve raises 

Day 3) Abs/forearms
Leg raises
Decline chest raises
Hanging abs
Abs on cable
Russian twist 
All from  4 sets of 15-20 reps
One with bar on bench
One with dumbbells (standing) 
4 sets of 15-20 reps

Day 4) Biceps/triceps
Barbell curls
Dumbbell curls
Kick backs
Cable pull downs (close grip)
Cable pull downs (open grip)
All exercises from 4 sets of 10/8/6/4 reps

Day 5) Legs 
Leg extension 
Leg press
Walking Lunges 
Hack squats
Dead lift with straight legs

what do you do to get this weight and lean muscle?

It's all about nutrition and hardcore training, I try to be always in Diet, I know the correct amount of protein, carbs and fat for my body and I know the right time to eat, I never drink alcohol, smoke or eat junk food and I sleep well
My training is like cardio, Because I make only 20 seconds rest between sets, one minute rest between exercises  and I workout very heavy, I workout negative exercises  a lot, My hard rate is between 130-160 rpm /minute when I work out
It's like fat burning training.

what do you do for living?

I'm certified Elite personal trainer and nutritionist, I'm working only with serious clients, Who love and respect the sport

At the end of article what do you have to say those people who go for steroids as a shortcut not following a restrict diet and gym routine? and what to say to your fan and those people who at the beginning of bodybuilding?

Alert to those who take the easy way  the steroids to build muscles and they don't make serious training and nutrition
I just have to say that all muscles are fake there are just water in them and when they stop steroids they will get fat or skinny as race dog and there life is in danger.For my fans and for those who start now bodybuilding one I have to say, Bust your ass in the Gym every damn day ,eat clean because, the sweat,the time, the devotion it pays off.

Actually it's been very nice to talk to you Mr Stavros thank you for your time and your great answers

Thank you  for the interview is honor for me!

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