The Top 5 Female Bodybuilding Mistakes To Avoid

Weight training for women is becoming more and more popular. If you're trying to lose weight and achieve fitness then you probably know that a combination of cardio exercises and weight training is a great way to tone your body and get the figure you want. Before you head to the gym to try some weight training, make sure you avoid these common mistakes

Being Afraid to Look Like A Bodybuilder

This fact cannot be stressed enough: weight training will not make you look like a bodybuilder. If you are like most women then you are probably afraid that strength training or weight training will make you develop large and bulky muscles like those of female bodybuilders. Women develop muscle mass in a way that is different from men. Men who engage in weight training develop large muscles because their bodies have the necessary amount of testosterone for building muscle mass. Since you don't have these levels of testosterone, weight training will not give you large muscles. Instead, your muscles will get toned and your body will develop a firmer look

 Not Trying Heavy Weights

If this is your first time to try weight training then it's natural to be intimidated by big weights. Even though you should start out with lighter weights, there's no reason why you cannot move on to heavier weights as you progress. In fact, if you want to tone certain parts of your body then training with heavy weights can help you achieve the result you want. Be sure to ask for help from trainers to make sure you work with the weights safely

Neglecting the Back and Chest

If you are like most women then your workout probably focuses on common problem areas like your stomach, thighs and buttocks. However, back training is also quite important, especially if you are over 35. If you plan to get pregnant or you already have small children then a strong back can also help you stay fit. Pull-ups and deadlifts are examples of exercises that can help you develop a stronger back. Weight training can also help you keep your chest and arms firm. Try a dumbbell bench press the next time you hit the gym

Thinking You Can Tone Up Without Weight Training

If you think you can tone and harden your body simply by losing calories, think again. Shedding off excess pounds is not the way to develop those rock-hard abs, that tight buttocks and those toned arms that you've always wanted. The fact is that you will have to add muscles to your body to give your figure that toned look

Not Eating Well

Your muscles and the rest of your body require vital nutrients in order to recover after a workout. This is why it's important that you eat more than a restrictive diet after some weight training. Your post-workout diet should consist of healthy sources of protein, carbohydrates and fats

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