Top 5 Biggest Bodybuilders Of All Time

There’s a big difference between the casual gym goer and a professional bodybuilder. The average joe hits the gym a few times a week, and he will become more or less happy with his physique after a while

But these guys push themselves to their absolute limits because their body is their career. So obviously, some of them have gotten ridiculously big and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Here’s a list of the five most jacked professional bodybuilders in the fitness world today

Dorian Yates

Yates was born in England in 1962 and started working out in 1983. Since then, he’s received the Mr. Olympia title six times, ranking just behind Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who received the award 8 and 7 times, respectively. Weighing in at an incredible 290 pounds (132 kg), he won a total of twenty awards in different categories from 1985 to 1997

Kai Greene

Born in 1975, Green was initially introduced to bodybuilding because of his troublesome behavior in school and rapid physical development in his early teens

Since then, he’s competed in the National Physics Committee and won the 1999 NPC Team Universe, after which he took a five-year break from competitions only to reemerge in 2004 and win once again. His reported offseason weight is 300-320 lbs while he tones it down to 260-270 when he’s competing

Markus Ruhl

This guy puts the “big” in “biggest bodybuilder.”  Born in 1972, this IFBB professional began his training at the age of 18 after he injured his knee

His competition weight is a whopping 280 lbs, and he is known as one of the strongest bodybuilders in history, being able to bench press more than 600 pounds

Gunter Schlierkamp

This 45-year-old monster of a bodybuilder is nicknamed “The German Giant,” and with good reason

During competitions, he’s been known to weigh an amazing 300 lbs and has more than 40 titles under his belt. Although retired now, he was a force to be reckoned with in the professional bodybuilding world

Ronnie Coleman

This guy is absolutely the biggest, most jacked person on Earth. There have been rumors (and even videos) of him bench pressing more than 800 pounds and curling 180-pound dumbbells

Currently, he holds the world record for winning the most Mr. Olympia awards in history, a total of 8 times. Sadly, he’s retired now, but one thing’s for sure – he set some pretty hefty records, and the young kids will have to work up a serious sweat to even come close to breaking them

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